Rescue, Rehabilitate, Rehome


SPCA Otago works on the front line seven days a week, 365 days a year, to rescue animals who are ill, injured, abused or abandoned.  

Every year we receive thousands of calls from concerned members of the public reporting cases of animals in need.  Our dedicated team are available on call 24 hours a day and will respond to all urgent issues as soon as they arise. If you have an animal welfare concern or query, please phone us on (03) 4738252 or 0800 682 467.

We are proud to have rescued countless animals throughout our long history, from ducklings in drainpipes, to dogs in hot vehicles and kittens abandoned in rubbish bins. Our committed team is 100% devoted to saving the lives of animals in distress and will take all necessary steps to rescue them from harmful situations.


As each animal comes into our Centre, we give them a brief health check and arrange vet care as necessary.  We do not have a vet clinic on site, so we work closely with Dunedin and Otago Vet Clinics to ensure our animals receive the most appropriate care and medical treatment.

Animals that are very sick or have had surgery often need some time to recover, so they may be cared for in our Hospital area or are fostered out to volunteers' homes.  Here they are given time to get well again, and receive a lot of extra TLC before they continue the process for adoption. 

As part of the healthcare process, animals in our care are vaccinated, microchipped, desexed and given a thorough health check by vet nurses including treatment for worms and fleas.  In addition to receiving this health care, each animal is given a temperament check prior to being made ready for adoption. Our team do their very best to ensure all animals available for adoption are both healthy and happy.


We work extremely hard to ensure that ALL healthy animals in our care are offered the chance to be placed into loving new homes. We operate a "no time limit policy" for all of our animals available for adoption, and are committed to caring for them until they find their new family.

The adoption fees helps us to recover some of the costs we incur to care for and prepare our animals for rehoming, however we do not profit from our adoption service.  Our fee is a very small price to pay for the love and life-long companionship of a pet.  If you, or someone you know is considering purchasing a pet, please take the time to visit the candidates at our Animal Centre, before you venture out to the local pet store.  You have the opportunity to complete the rescue process!

Unfortunately due the sheer volume of animal welfare cases we deal with at SPCA Otago, we are unable to offer a rehoming service to the general public, who for whatever reason may need to find a new home for their pets.  Likewise, we cannot offer to rehome the litters of undesexed pets.  Regrettably we do not have the resources to be able to assist the public in this way, aside from exceptional circumstances that are at the discretion of SPCA Otago Animal Managers.

We have many Animals in our care, all of which deserve a second chance at a happy and loving home - we need and appreciate your support - please come and visit our Animal Centre today!