Take action against breed specific legislation today!

Posted on 27/09/2016


Every day at SPCA Otago we pour our heart and souls into making the world a better place for little pups like Heidi. 
We need your help because the lives of innocent dogs like this one are now at risk. The Government wants to make it illegal for us to re-home puppies like her, just because of what they look like. 
At SPCA Otago we believe that all dogs should be evaluated on their behaviour, not their breed. Proposing a law that would effectively condemn thousands of dogs like Heidi to death is NOT acceptable.
The Government must not deny innocent dogs like Heidi the chance to life. We won't stand for this, and we know you won't either. So help us tell the Government this is NOT okay - dogs like Heidi do matter: http://bit.ly/save-innocent-lives