One of the most important things you will do in your lifetime is prepare a will that ensures your wishes are carried out after your death.

A will is a statement of how you want your possessions, property and funds (your estate) to be distributed when you die.  It is a time to remember your loved ones and to continue to assist those charities that you support in life.

SPCA Otago is here to help you to continue your everlasting love of all creatures. Bequests are very important to us and the animals in our care.  They are a life-saving gift for many of the animals we help every year.  

It is easy to include SPCA Otago in your will.  Before you start, you should seek the assistance of a Trustee or Lawyer, to ensure your wishes are clearly and correctly recorded. 

You can leave 3 types of legacy in your will:

1) Residuary Legacy - this gift refers to what is left over in your estate (the residue) after all the expenses, debts and other specific bequests have been settled.  A residue may be shared amongst various beneficiaries.  This is a popular choice as it automatically adjusts to the changes in the value of your estate.

2) Specific Legacy - this is a gift of a specific item or group of items, such as artwork, jewellery, shares, vehicles or even a home.

3) Pecuniary Legacy - this is a gift of a specific sum of money.  The monetary amount specified in this way should be revised regularly to allow for inflation or any changes to your circumstances.

You can also provide for your pet's future in your will.  This will ensure they continue to receive care in the event of your death.  Ask a friend or family member if they will be willing to be the caregiver of your pet.  Or if you cannot arrange a permanent caregiver, you can ask your lawyer to specify that "Otago Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Inc." (SPCA Otago) will become the new owner of your pet.  We will provide the highest standard of care for the animal and endeavour to find a permanent new home for them to live out their lives in comfort and good care.

Click here to download a copy of our Bequest Brochure.